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Sep 23, 2015 · Take a Valium, Lose Your Kid, Go to Jail In Alabama, anti-drug fervor and abortion politics have turned a meth-lab law into the country's harshest weapon against pregnant women.

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Oct 17, 2020 · Model risk is a type of risk that occurs when a financial model used to measure a firm's market risks or value transactions fails or performs inadequately. Jun 06, 2018 · The idea behind the sentencing risk assessment was to provide a measurement on how likely a person would be to reoffend, in hope that those viewed as "low risk" could be diverted from prison or given a shorter sentence. The Sentencing Commission has spent eight years developing its potential rubric.

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Oct 11, 2018 · A hyphen joins two words together into a compound, such as ‘pop-up’ or ‘slow-cooked’. Double hyphens aren’t really a thing. What I think you mean is the em dash, which looks like this: — …and which is sometimes used to link together parts of a sen... Duncan Lewis, Housing Law Solicitors, Suspended sentence for unregistered gas engineer who put lives at riskLegal News. Have a question? 033 3772 0409. Keeping You Up ... Dec 29, 2020 · phrase. To be at risk means to be in a situation where something unpleasant might happen . Up to 25,000 jobs are still at risk. An estimated seven million people are at risk of starvation. If they have the virus they are putting patients at risk. [Also + of] See full dictionary entry for risk.

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Apr 07, 2012 · Both sentences are fine and grammatically correct. Use “Please complete all questions” because it’s shorter & more common. Your reasoning is correct that it should be the questions because you are talking about specific questions. However, “Please complete all questions” is also correct, and it’s because of the word all.

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increased risk of violent misconduct in prison, whereas a prior probated sentence was a risk-reducing factor . In contrast, other studies have found no association between a history put [sb/sth] at risk v expr verbal expression: Phrase with special meaning functioning as verb--for example, "put their heads together," "come to an end." (endanger) 위험에 처해진 : You have put our lives at risk by driving so carelessly. put [sb/sth] at risk of [sth],

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Hi! Given: "The springtime of their life is far from over." and "The springtime of their lives is far from over." whichever would you say is the correct sentence? I am aware that since "their" conveys a plural idea, the use of "lives" would appear more logic. pre-sentence report; Use of an existing report ... If you believe that a robust and appropriate risk management plan could be put in place to control and reduce the level of risk of serious harm ...

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Find 704 synonyms for "put at risk" and other similar words that you can use instead based on 3 separate contexts from our thesaurus. "But she warned rocketing development could put at risk all that has been achieved."

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Examples of Epidemiology in a sentence Because Valerie was diagnosed with a rare disease in her youth, she decided to focus her collegiate studies on epidemiology. Many of the people who work at the Center for Disease Control are experts in epidemiology. Read the latest Scottish news covering Glasgow and Edinburgh. Scotland news, UK and world news. Covering all the latest headlines and full reports

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Jan 15, 2019 · One thing you might do is look at each word in the output sentence and assign it a score of 1 if it shows up in any of the reference sentences and 0 if it doesn’t. Then, to normalize that count so that it’s always between 0 and 1, you can divide the number of words that showed up in one of the reference translations by the total number of ... Nov 18,2020 - Directions:Rearrange the following six sentences (A), (B), (C), (D), (E), and (F) in the proper sequence to form a meaningful paragraph; then answer the ...

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Oct 10, 2018 · Fraudsters who put lives at risk by causing accidents get lengthy prison sentences. 10 October 2018. A Slough duo who deliberately caused 250 motor accidents so they could make false insurance claims have been jailed. The proposed system has four main components: 1) a Form 10-K risk-sentiment dataset, consisting of a set of risk-labeled financial sentences and pre-trained sentence embeddings; 2) metadata, including basic information on each company that published the Form 10-K financial report as well as several relevant financial measures; 3) an interface ...

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He did not risk losing any wages with taking a new position. A risk of working less than part-time hours was a significant cut in wages. exploits is a word that's my sentence This are my sentences; He exploits his worker by paying them low wages. (verb) His exploits brought him fame and fortune. (noun).How to use high-risk in a sentence? Adeyemi Okunowo:. As an elderly woman and a first-time mother, it was a high-risk pregnancy and also because she was going to have twins but we were able to manage her pregnancy to term.

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Answer. When prosecutors offer a plea bargain to a defendant, they have presumably studied the case and the evidence, spoken with witnesses and victims, and decided on a fair and appropriate sentence. But defendants often reject bargains, and take their chances at trial. Yes, there is a risk that the prosecutor may end up recommending a harsher sentence than the one proposed as part of the plea bargain. Apr 11, 2018 · And though her sentence was only six days, it would have a dramatic impact on the following months. ... [victims] at risk and keeps them at risk,” says Edersheim. Jul 30, 2019 · Here are seven things many of us do that put you at a higher risk of becoming a victim of identity theft. I know what you’re thinking: “I’m young, I’m web-savvy, I don’t need to worry about identity theft.”

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Several studies in Epidemiology have shown that moderate consumption of alcohol lowers the risk of (developing) heart disease. 6. Developed by computer scientists in the 1980s, data mining is a collection of methods aiming to understand and make money from the massive data sets being collected by supermarket scanners, weather buoys ... MarketWatch provides the latest stock market, financial and business news. Get stock market quotes, personal finance advice, company news and more.

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May 01, 2013 · Risk statements are used to define and model these event based risk: IF-THEN - says if we miss our next milestone then project will fail to achieve its business value during the next quarter. CONDITION-CONCERN - our subcontractor has not provided enough information for us to status the schedule, and our concern is the schedule is slipping and ... Ultimately that would put at risk humans eating the meat. Au bout du compte, cela menacerait des êtres humains consommant la viande de ces animaux. In addition, however, civil rights are also put at risk by an over-reaction to terrorism, and this is a new problem. Une menace pèse également sur...

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Sep 25, 2020 · The English language has many words much like there, their and they're.Most native English speakers pronounce each the same way (they're homophones, or words that make the same sounds); therefore, it can be tricky to determine which spelling fits the way it is being used in each case. Dec 23, 2020 · A pre-sentence report is intended to give the sentencing court some understanding as to why you committed the offence, how you feel about it now, and what your background, family and work circumstances are. Using this information, the court will decide the most appropriate sentence to give you. Examples of risk-taking in a sentence, how to use it. 25 examples: It has to be noted that from the design of this work, each person is supposed…